Shalom and Welcome to Dorot!


Shalom and Welcome!


Dorot School is a home for a large community of English speakers who enjoy a special curriculum in English (“Dovrei Anglit”)  and Hebrew (“Yael” program for Olim) on top of our rich and diverse programs. 

Registration for the next school year is open until February 14. You are welcome to contact our Parents Leadership Board (Marissa 054-2001073 is the contact parent for our English-speaking families).


We asked parents why they love Dorot School so much.  Here are their TOP 5 REASONS:  

1.  We focus on raising caring and successful human beings with compassion and strong social skills. 

Our curriculum includes communications classes, special learning days and programs to help children develop soft skills that will prepare them for the future.  Additionally, we put an emphasis on emotional resilience and provide support to those who might be facing challenges, particularly during today’s difficult times.

2.  We strive to build a community. 

Children need a sense of belonging. We promote community involvement in and outside of the school as we strive to create a personal connection between staff, students and their families because education happens both at home and at school.

3.  We recognize that every child is unique. 

We step outside of the classroom and color outside the lines to enable children to connect with content in different ways because every child learns differently.  We focus on project-based learning PBL and teach through movement and experiential activities. This enables our children to strengthen their abilities, curiosity and interests.

4.  We teach children how to learn. 

We believe that a student who is aware of his abilities and strengths will be a more motivated and successful individual. We focus on giving our students the tools, skills, methods and passion for learning to enable them to realize their fullest potential. Our diverse curriculum takes into consideration our current reality and provides students with the tools to learn how to work independently or as a team.  The students learn to collaborate remotely as well as how to research and solve problems independently.  As a result, they are able to adapt to both in-person and remote learning.

The diverse and online learning methods allow students to adapt to a changing reality in the spirit of the time and period.  There is focus on independent learning, teamwork and collaboration, experience in research processes and finding solutions to problems in a supportive social space.

5.  We provide educational excellence. 

We strive to provide our students with a solid foundation in Hebrew, English, math and science to allow them to succeed in the workforce of the future and solve challenges that do not yet exist.


Here at Dorot School we have a saying that “Dorot is a family that you choose.”  Ours is a family that is always warm, open, and inviting. 

We hope that you will choose to become a part of our family.  

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